Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Blogging from Jazzland

I am blogging from Jazz Land on a Tablet PC. I am being filmed for a video while I do this. Jazz Land is a coffee shop on campus at San Jose State University. This is for a video about the power of Tablet PC technology. It is not power, as we geeks think of power, in Gigahertz. It is the power of freedom, freedom from desks and chairs.

This new power is the power of portability. This new power is the ability to use the computer as a ubiquitous portable device. Even with notebook computers, we still are controlled and limited by the computer's shape and size. For example, at our university our computer labs may now be wireless and we are taking the computers off the desktops. But, we still have the desks to accomodate the student's computers. This limits movement collaboration in the classroom!

With Tablet PC's we are able to use a computer like a pad of paper. That is powerful. No longer do computer labs need desktops. This blog entry is for the video. I am being video taped as I write this blog entry while standing in line waiting to buy a bagel. Is that cool, or what?

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