Friday, September 16, 2005

I am the new South Bay Blogger Meetup Group Coordinator

To members of the South Bay Blogger Meetup Group:
As I understand it, recently started charging organizers a fee of $19 a month. There was a group of great folks who had been organized and who met regularly as the South Bay Blogger Meetup Group, they formed close friendships and did not feel the money was something they need to spend in order to get together, so they formed a yahoo group called Elke Sisco, the former coordinator of the South Bay Blogger Meetup Group resigned as coordinator of the group, essentially leaving the group orphaned to die.
I approached Elke with the idea of trying to keep the group going, and trying to move it closer to the San Jose State University campus (where I work.) The idea is to try to see if there may be folks in the campus community who are bloggers who might be interested in meeting other folks who are bloggers and maybe tying in with other bloggers and podcasters.
So, I signed up as organizer and took on this group. Meanwhile, family issues came up and it just sat for about a month. Yesterday evening I almost resigned, but then decided to give it one more shot.
I am not asking anybody for a dime, and I know this may not be what you signed up for. I understand if you wish to remove yourself from this individual Meetup Group.
Those that choose to remain, let's see what I can put together for October and take it from there. Thank you for giving me a chance.
~Steve Sloan

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