Friday, September 16, 2005

Students rock! and often lead the way in IT at SJSU

Last Saturday, three hours after I made my Vision 2010 = Vision 1995 post [Link], my friend, former student employee and SJSU alum Robert Scoble made this post to is blog [Link]. In it he said:

Now, San Jose State isn't stuck in the past as much as their vision document makes it sound. Their newspaper has RSS feeds. The campus has a lot of Wifi coverage. Their library is new and is pretty nice.

Scoble is right and what he says is true. Now, here is why I say our students rock:

  • It was thanks to the efforts of SJSU Mass Communications student Ryan Sholin [Link] that the Spartan Daily has an RSS feed.
  • It is thanks to the hard work, efforts and money of the Associated Students at SJSU that we are going to have a campus-wide wireless infrastructure.
  • Oh yes, the city of San Jose rocks too, thanks to their desire to expand the San Jose convention center and and replace the old and aging Martin Luther King library they partnered with SJSU to build the new library where the lion's share of the staff and collection are provided by the city and we all get a fantastic new facility.

Just as it was when Scoble worked in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications the students we serve are often leaders in technological innovation here. We need to always remember and nurture that!

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