Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dane Riley at our university

Dane Riley

Dane Riley, a great resource for SJSU Mac users
Yesterday I attended a very good session in the Center for Faculty (and staff) Development and Support at SJSU [Link]. Dane is a systems engineer at Apple and a valuable source of information. Several times Dane has shown me new technologies and introduced new tools that I have been able to apply to my work and non-work geek life. Yesterday's session was on directory services and integrating Apple's Open Directory [Apple knowledge base on] [Wikipedia on] services with Microsoft's Active directory service [Microsoft Technet on] [Wikipedia on]. Dane's presentation file is here [PDF].

Dane maintains a website that is full of information on things Apple [Link]. In his spare time he is a mountain biker. He recently showed one group a book he produced using Apple iPhoto tools of a trip he and his father made riding their bicycles on the famous Slickrock Trail [Link] in Moab, Utah. I think Dane has been a good friend of our university.

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