Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Second Life at SJSU

"Living virtually is getting a lot of attention," said Microsoft tech guru and SJSU alum Robert Scoble [Link to blog post.] Scoble has been blogging about Second Life [Link] [Link: Wikipedia on] and other "virtual living" experiences quite a bit lately. So, who is Scoble and why should I care what he is blogging about? This link to an article in The Economist  [Link to article,] written over a year ago, talks about the role Scoble has and the audience he has developed.

If Scoble is talking about Second Life a lot of folks are listening and are interested. We should know what this is and possible pedagogical applications of Second Life. If you are a faculty or staff person at SJSU there is an opportunity coming up to learn more about Second Life. The April meeting of the SJSU Tech Innovators group will be focusing on Second Life. According to the Interim Associate Director for the Center for Faculty Development at San Jose State University, Mary Fran Breiling, "next month, April 11, James Morgan [Link to his content] will be demonstrating Second Life [Link to what is Second Life] [Link to join Second Life]. James will be producing Hamlet that a professor from the theater department in Second Life later this spring. This month's edition of Campus Technology features gaming in higher education. We should have a very interesting session and a lively discussion."

SJSU faculty, staff and peer mentors interested in this session should contact the Center for Faculty (and Staff) Development at this link.

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