Friday, April 07, 2006

Blodgett: Podcast Audience Very Small

Is anybody listening to Podcasts?
As Renee Blodgett (and many others) points out [Link] only one percent of Internet users are listening to podcasts. We have seen an explosion of content being generated, but where is the explosion of audience? According to Blodgett the problem is the content out there is not compelling enough, yet.

Speaking of Blodgett
Renee ought to know, she is owner of Blodgett Communications [Bio Link] [Company Website]:

I have been providing full service corporate communications and marketing consulting to technology companies and executives worldwide for over 15 years.

Since founding Blodgett Communications, my client base has spanned across industries, including the social media sector, digital photography, blogging and RSS, mobile & wireless devices, embedded software applications, OCR, networking, digital audio and video, Internet technologies, video online publishing, anti-spam and security, speech recognition, collaboration tools, web publishing, VoIP, CRM, content management and the home entertainment PC convergence space.

Her blog, Down the Avenue [Link], is a testimony to the power of Cluetrain's first thesis "markets are conversations." Our SJSU Marketing students and professors should be reading her everyday. Her client list is a virtual Who's Who of emerging technology and she knows everybody that matters. (Oh yea, she is a really nice person too!) If I were a marketing student I would be trying very hard to get an internship with her.

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