Monday, April 03, 2006

Emerging Pedagogy Tools: SSE

SSE stands for simple sharing extensions to RSS and OPML. For this post the focus is on SSE for RSS. This new, two (or more) way RSS, can be a way to create a channel between a client, or clients, and each other or the university. We know RSS is an elegant way to create a "trusted source" conduit of information that is one way, for example between the university and a group of interested individuals such as "all students." But it is only one way. Now, the new specification, SSE takes RSS and turns it into a conversation. This could be more elegant and less spam prone conduit than e-mail. Since SSE (like RSS) combines the best of both push (like email) and pull (like itunes) technologies this could be a way to exchange asynchronous time based media without the hassles of streaming media. Here is more info:

SSE, RSS, and Web data by ZDNet's Phil Windley -- Late last year, Ray Ozzie started talking about a new specification from Microsoft called SSE. As Dan Farber wrote on this blog when the announcement was made: RSS syndicates information in a simple and straightforward way, but it's not bi-directional. Ozzie's team created SSE to enable loosely-coupled applications [...]

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