Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ultra Mobile PCs and RSS will kill print

Ultra Mobile PC's + RSS + Wireless Networks will kill print
It is my opinion that Ultra Mobile PC's (UMPC) [Link] that are relatively low cost, like the recently announced Origami PC's will be the straw that broke the camel's back of print publications. Some folks are predicting they will be as ubiquitous as purses are now for women. Blogger Julie Jacobson has a post about them "When men carry purses" [Link]. Using existing technologies like RSS and wireless networks, text books as well as the news can be delivered to your Origami or other UMPC while you sleep and then viewed anywhere, even on the light rail away from the network or in the bathroom. The tablet form factor is more like a book than a laptop computer and the screen is sharp for easy reading. The Origami UMPC can even be linked into your "digital hub" home systems to control everything, including your media center. Who needs textbooks and having to lug them in a backpack? Who needs newspapers, with all of the distribution and waste disposal issues involved? Who needs paper notebooks when you can take notes on your UMPC with a stylus, and who needs ink?

Update Link
Microsoft site on Ultra-Mobile PCs.

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