Friday, April 28, 2006

Linux User Group Meets with Help Desk Staff

Linux - Help Desk

A geek dinner at the Help Desk
In an effort to build relationships with user communities at SJSU we invited students from the SJSU Linux Users Group (LUG) [Link] to have pizza with us yesterday. Historically our answer to Linux users with problems has been, "we don't support Linux and we don't know anybody who does." Now that has changed. We discussed ways that we can support Linux users better at the Help Desk and how we can work together to have resources for them so the lack of support is not a barrier for Linux users. Issues discussed included having a wiki for Linux users and also possibly inviting members of the LUG to have space available to them so they can hold support hours on a volunteer basis to support their users and train our staff how to better provide support. They showed us examples of SJSU applications, like SJSUOne and the Comcast wireless network at SJSU running on both command line and GUI versions of Linux.

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