Sunday, July 30, 2006

BlogHer missing boat on Lesbian and other issues

Lesbian Perspectives Missing at BlogHer
The mommy bloggers were out in force, perhaps so much force that other women bloggers did not seem to me to get their just due. This was first mentioned to me by a lesbian blogger who said a friend of hers was so upset she left the conference early. I think she is right. I hope next year the contributions that lesbian as well as transgender folks have made to the blogosphere get more attention, recognition and, (hopefully) some sessions specific to them. These are voices of courage that need to be encouraged!

What about men who are "mommy" too?
I am a once widowed male who raised three minor children by myself as a single male parent (my youngest child was four.) I baked the biscuts, brought home the bacon and nurtured the sick kids. I do not understand why bloggers who blog about their children seem to me to be assumed to be heterosexual women. That is not always the case.

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