Saturday, July 29, 2006

Great time at BlogHer Party

Blog Her Attendees

Cynthia McCune and I are at BlogHer
This is a huge event attracting women bloggers as well as A-lister's from all over the world. I spoke with a woman blogger who came here from Australia. I was unable to attend the day sessions yesterday due to an urgent family matter I had to attend to. But, professor McCune was there and she said she really got a lot out of the event. She even did her first podcast! I spent a lot of time speaking with the Scobles as well as Activewords founder Buzz Bruggerman. (I got some hints at the next version of Activewords and I can't wait to see it!) Bob Scoble was having a great time talking up a storm with folks. Maryam Scoble and Bob's son Patrick seemed to enjoy the event as well. I also spoke with Marc Canter, Brian Shields and Renee Blodgett among many, many others. This is such a huge event that is important not just for tech, it is important for blogging and it is important for women. We should be doing all we can to encourage women to be involved in this increasingly important communications medium. This event is going on just a few miles from SJSU and Cynthia McCune and I seem to be it from SJSU. (And, oh yea, we paid our own way) Since she attended Friday's sessions, and I did not, and she did such a great job covering them. You gotta read her blog!

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