Friday, July 28, 2006

Excellent conversation with Stephanie Quilao

Okay, maybe the day before BlogHer was NOT the best day to have a meetup
Yesterday's meetup was a small gathering. Stephanie Quilao, Cynthia McCune and I had a great conversation about the future of Web. 2.0 and the J163 class that is now less than a month away from its first session. Stephanie is the magic behind Back in Skinny Jeans and is a non-geekish (but tech savvy) Web 2.0 evangelist. To get a real sense of what her blog is about, this is what it says in her Technorati profile:

A blog about love, torment, and elastic waistband. Here I hope to help other women feel less alone by discussing my own on going battle of the bulge, coping with today's unrealistic, high standards of beauty, and finding peace and humor in it all.

I really enjoy her site and subscribe to her feed. It is human, entertaining and informing. She has many stories to tell and she tells them well. She is a good writer. She has also written for Under the Radar and other blogs.

According to Stephanie the next Oprah may be starting right now with a blog in her living room. The amazing thing, Stephanie said, is the ability now to start from almost nothing.

In my opinion it is content like Stephanie's, not the geek content, that is driving this technology into the mainstream. I am constantly told, it is all about telling stories. This technology enables that telling. This technology delivers the stories and that is all, and that is everything!

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