Tuesday, March 20, 2007

History of campus poverty

Poverty at SJSU

History of Poverty at SJSU
As we ponder the history of our campus for the 150 year celebration I think we should also consider our legacy of poverty on campus. Yesterday I saw a woman and a child rummaging through garbage cans for bottles and cans and I have seen folks that appear to be homeless eating out of garbage cans here. Of course this is an area problem, as well as being a campus issue. But, it has been going on as long as I have been going here. When poverty is on this campus it is a campus problem at SJSU. It is a problem we have done nothing about. It is a problem that has been historically ignored. We need to ask, why?

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1 comment:

TimGiangiobbe said...

You are Not Lying Historically Ignored.The best Example of that is the FOUR BBILLION Dollar Project for the Trans Bay Hub in the City.Not One Penny Earmarked for the Homeless Evicted.Truly Sick.

The Issue Spread evrywhere.

Imagine eating out of That can.

Most Citizens Care Less.