Wednesday, March 14, 2007

JMC163 Podcast: March 13 Class

Daniel Sato on New Media and Photojournalism
In this unedited raw audio podcast [MP3 here] SJSU photojournalism major Daniel Sato talks about how photojournalism has been changed by new media and Web 2.0 technologies. Sato is a photoblogger and a regular user of Flickr. Sato talks about ethics, tools and the changes brought about by the increasingly pervasive Internet. He also talks about how new media is changing the nature and needs of journalism education and how photojournalism students use new media to build a community that extends beyond the boundaries of the campus.

After Sato: The Joy of Analog & Vblogging with iMovie
This is the balance of the class, presented as an unedited MP3. Included here is a conversation about analog photography and a presentation on using iMovie to create a short video.

Sample Movie

The video we created in class
Here for you to review is the video created in the class as recorded in the previous audio. It is shown here for reference only. It should open in Quicktime player.

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