Monday, March 26, 2007

Things managers can do for IT workers

A list of things CSU managers could and should do. These suggestions do not cost any budget dollars and encourage productivity:

  • Encourage Staff Mentoring. Provide mentoring opportunities for staff with other staff. Encourage staff to find mentors. If a staff member wants a mentor and does not find a mentor managers should make it their job to find a mentor for the staff member.
  • Build a sense of career rather than just providing a job. Reward and encourage upward mobility. Let your staff members know their careers matter. Encourage upward career development, offer such opportunities to staff. Make this part of counseling of staff.
  • Recognize Human Limitations. Don't task staff with impossible missions and especially do not punish staff for their inability to perform them.
  • Make professional development a part of change management. Do not task staff with rolling out a technology they are not trained in supporting. Training costs but ignorance costs a lot more than training. You pay for training once. You pay for ignorance on an ongoing basis every time a task is not performed efficiently or correctly.

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