Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Net-generation Instructor

Carl Berger

Carl Berger keynote session
The Net-generation Instructor is the topic of the presentation that Berger is giving at CATS2007. Berger is an engaging speaker and is talking about issues affecting faculty adoption of Web 2.0 technology. He opened with an exercise in cognitive dissonance, he had everybody count back from 100 by sixes as he whistled. He presented some very interesting statistics on new media literacy among students and faculty and attitudes toward new technology adoption and the Net-Gen Instructor. This session is available on Elluminate.

Characteristics of a Net-Gen Instructor:

  • Younger, but not exclusively
  • Perception that their expertise is strong in all areas
  • Preference in how to learn, they prefer to learn by experimentation and consulting with friends.
How do we guide them?
  • Get out of their way
  • Meet their special needs
  • Recognize their efforts (in RTP)
His Presentation is Here [Power Point]

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