Sunday, May 27, 2007

Israel's Right To Exist

I ended up staying home this weekend, reading
It is quite relaxing actually and I started a new book. I am reading "Right To Exist" by Yaacov Lozowick. A friend recommended this book to me. It is a great overview of the history of Israel and the Arab-Isaeli conflict. I have learned so much reading this book and am more convinced than ever the importance of our support of Israel and the righteousness of their cause. I understand now, better than ever, the ignorance that most of us (and the American media) has on this issue.

So, how does Israel make peace with her enemies? Consider the words of Khaled Meshal the Chairman of Hamas Political Bureau who said on May 3, 2006, "We [Hamas] believe that Israel has no right to exist."

Imagine yourself in Israel's place. How do you make peace with people who do not think you have a right to live (exist) and would not hesitate to kill your children, given an opportunity?

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