Friday, May 11, 2007

Podcasting Meetup Group Report

A special announcement from Paul Puri, Assistant Organizer of The Silicon Valley Podcasting Meetup Group:
We had a great first run at the new location at San Jose State University. We got a lot ironed out about what we could do with this great new location. We have free parking, free internet access, a wall full of computer workstations for training sessions, and a large screen for a projector that we can hook up to any computer with a VGA out. What can be more cooler than that?

How about being walking distance from pizza, McDonalds, and a ton of other great places to eat? Still not convinced? How about all of this in a nice large quiet building where we can accommodate every podcaster that belongs to this group. Still not convinced? Take a look at next months agenda, and tell me you can't wait until next month.

The Podcast and New Media Expo is coming soon. When and where is it? Why should you go? What should you bring? Those who have attended this fun and educational event will be sharing their stories. So come if you've never been, to learn more. And if you have been to the expo, share all the goodness that makes this event worth going to every year.

Go to this website for more info about this great event.

Hopefully we'll answer any questions you bring along.

Plus, as always, a question and answer session for any topics and meet and greet for all newcomers.

We are now meeting at San Jose State University!

Best routes to campus: From I-280, take either the 11th Street or the 7th Street exit to East San Salvador or East San Fernando. Dwight Bentel Hall is in the middle of the campus.

On Third Street, the parking structure is free after 6PM.

If you park in a campus garage, it is at least $5.00.

If you would like to chip in, we can order pizza from a local pizzeria, or bring something for yourself.

The room is upstairs in Dwight Bentel Hall. Here is a more detailed map of the area using Google Maps. It shows you how to get to the location, and where to park. Here is a map of the campus. The hall is located in the bottom right of the green(ish) section.

Paul Puri Assistant Organizer

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