Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How SJSU Faculty Get University Email

A public service announcement from SJSU Tech Support:
With the start of semester, we have been asked to share how new faculty and staff receive their official e-mail address. The process is outlined below.

In cooperation with the President's Campus E-Mail Committee, University Computing Systems is distributing official campus internet addresses.

This process happens daily (Monday-Friday):

  • SJSUOne receives a list of new employees from CMS at noon.
  • An automated process creates e-mail addresses for the new faculty/staff.
  • Security mailers are generated with initial account information and usage tips.
  • The security mailers are mailed via interoffice mail to the employees' office locations.
  • E-mail accounts can be accessed using a Web browser or using e-mail software installed by your desktop support team.

Although SJSUOne receives updates daily, it may take up to 3 days for recent CMS changes to be reported to SJSUOne. If you need your employee's workstation set up before their first day of work, you may contact your desktop support technicians to have them submit an on-line account request. The technician will receive the setup information and can set up your employee's workstation in advance. A security mailer will also be interoffice mailed to the employee at his/her office location.

You can verify an employee's e-mail address by looking in the Domino Directory "Internet Address" field, or the Campus Directory Web page.

New improvements this semester: With the help of Human Resources and CMS, SJSUOne is now notified of new faculty even earlier than before. Please ensure that new faculty have their "Preferred Name" recorded in PeopleSoft so we can generate addresses using the preferred version of their name.

Feel free to share this information with your colleagues.

Thank You

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