Thursday, January 24, 2008

Openings in an important class

From Harvey Gotliffe: I have many former Japanese American internees and Holocaust survivors willing to be interviewed by students in the MCOM 136 class, "How the American Media Covered the Holocaust and the Japanese American Internment during World War Two."

Since both the internees and survivors are getting older — my youngest contact is 79 and the oldest 97, I would like to have our students benefit from the chance to meet with the last remnants of WWII living history.

MCOM 136 can substitute for MCOM 103 or 104; MCOM 70, 105 or 106; or can be used as an elective.

If you have an overflow in any of these classes or know of any good students who may be interested in the subject, have them contact me by e-mail, phone, or stop by my class next Tuesday at 130 PM in DBH 213, or see me in my DBH 220 office that day from 1030 until class time.

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