Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday night at the convention

Nancy Pelosi at CA demo convention

Great evening at the democratic convention
I had a fantastic time at the convention and feel so honored to be able to attend it and photograph it for my union and for you. I saw Nancy Pelosi, John Garamendi and many other top democrats.

Along with several state union leaders, I attended a reception Pelosi had before the evening's main event. Dave Hart was there, he is the President of the California State Employees Association. This organization includes two locals of the Service Employees International Union, Local 1000 which represents state civil service employees and Local 2579 which represents California State University Employees (that is us!) as affiliates.

On the convention floor, Pelosi spoke about the importance of democrats coming together and the importance of winning this election no matter who is nominated. After the Pelosi speech, at the Labor Caucus, Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi spoke about the state budget as well the importance of labor. We simply cannot keep cutting our state budget, Garamendi said. We must find new revenue sources for our state.

I am tired and tomorrow is another long day. I will post more on my twitter feed. In this photo Pelosi is speaking to the delegation while Garamendi looks on.

[More convention photos on Flickr]

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