Thursday, March 27, 2008

Problem with Apple software updates on Windows?

ZD Net Article

Is Apple pushing unwanted software on users?
In a recent ZD Net post, Ed Bott accuses Apple of slipping unwanted software onto users computers without them asking for it. According to Bott, the windows version of Apple's software that automatically provides updates for the Windows version of iTunes is automatically installing the Apple Safari web browser on PC's. Bott said, "All browsers have security-related issues. Safari is no exception. Adding any major application to a computer, especially a new browser, is not a decision to be made lightly." Bott suggests that Apple learn from Microsoft's Windows Update system:

"Apple offers an opt-out system, offers no disclosure, and mixes potentially unwanted software with its security patch updates. By contrast, Microsoft has a scrupulously maintained opt-in system, with full disclosure every step of the way."

Interesting to note, this page has an ad for Apple on it, at least it did when I looked at it.

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