Saturday, March 29, 2008

From the California Democratic Convention Floor

I am sitting down posting to this blog from my iPod touch, but this is not a tech post. I saw a lot of inspiring speakers today. Jerry Brown spoke and even though us public employers have had our issues with brown it was great seeing him speak. The greatest and most inspiring speaker today was John Garamendi. He is and has been a strong supporter of education and university employees. He spoke well and recieved a lot of support from the group. We need a pro education governor and we need to stop the downward spiral we are in in higher education. It was a pleasure to hear his speech.

Now we are hearing speakers about immigration. We need depoliticize this issue and have a real discussion as a nation on this topic. It is a crying shame to see talented Engineering grads not get a visa when there are no citizens who have their skills.

When they leave the employers, not being able to find someone in this country to do the job, follow them.

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