Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Money and Blogging Question

Unless we can say something to students about how they are going to get real money for blogging, it all sounds like evangelistic crap!
We can tell our students about blogging and Web 2.0 until we are blue in the face. But, unless we can at least say something to our students about how they are going to get real money for blogging the whole conversation is going to sound like evangelistic crap. So, we as teachers of new media have to listen when somebody who has authority talks about this subject. Whether you agree with him or not, you need to read this post by Michael Arrington on Tech Crunch. Among the things he has said:

"So today, at best, I’d describe the blogosphere as a frontier town with no lawman..."


"...writing good content is only half the battle. You have to figure out the complex, dynamic web of politics between bloggers and mainstream media before you post to know where to get support."

UPDATE (14:29 PDT: Scoble responds to Arrington):

"Lately blogging seems like it has lost its way. Why? Well, looking at TechMeme you can see why: the professionals have taken over and have redefined what blogging is."

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