Friday, January 07, 2005

Beyond RSS readers - Attention.xml

RSS readers allow you to aggregate a lot of content of weblogs (and other changable web content) into a compact and concise list of entries that can be quickly scanned allowing you to sift through a pile of information quickly. But, with the explosive growth of the web and real-time web content, even RSS and RSS aggregation may not be enough for educators needing to stay up to date in their field. How do you get through the stack of data to get to the needles of critical information? The answer may be attention.xml!

Tantek Celik is among many working on this new specification that looks at solving this problem. According to a developers forum on Technorati's website:

Attention.XML is an open standard, built on open source, that helps you keep track of what you've read, what you're spending time on, and what you should be paying attention to.

This is something worth keeping an eye on. And, if anybody can do this, it is Tantek and the folks at Technorati!  These folks are really sharp.

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