Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Live from MacWorld 2005

Live from MacWorld. I am sitting in the hallway blogging from the floor. So far, it has been a good show. The new Mac Mini is a great box and should open up some good options to deploy Macs as appliances. It is almost the size of an OQO? If they can get this close, why not go all the way? A Mac OS OQO would be great!

I am frustrated that somebody leaked the news about this year's Apple new product releases. It is kinda like having your bigger sibling tell you what your getting for Christmas.

Once again, my "where-is?" list for MacWorld:

  • Where is the Mactablet?
  • Where is the video iPod?

Susie and I watched the keynote in the comfort of our living room via an Apple stream. Is it available via download? If not, why not? This would have been a cool thing to videocast!

I missed connecting with Michael Eakes at Rojo. There was a time mixup and I went down the wrong street in the city. By the time I got there I had missed our connection.


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