Monday, January 31, 2005

Podcasting, Secure RSS, One-to-one RSS

Today's San Jose Mercury News has an article on Podcasting. It is great to see this emerging technology got play. There is such a variety of wonderful new technologies coming on-line. It is hard to always know what to pay attention to! Podcasting is one to watch, one-to-one RSS is another.

Also today, I saw a post on ZDNet on the topic of one-to-one RSS feeds. This has a lot of interesting potential applications in education. What if the same RSS feed that is used to carry a Podcast is used to deliver targeted information pertinent to each student? Data could be streamed to a student in a rate that matched that student's learning pace! All sorts of information could be delivered taking advantage of always-on broadband connections and one-to-one feeds, even one-on-one podcasts.

Potentially this could replace phone, E-mail and Web as the primary channels between teacher and student. Using secure RSS students and faculty members could exchange information without the static and security concerns created by SPAM and phishing threats. A secure RSS source could be trusted. Security + Trust? That is more than your can say anymore for E-mail!

Podcasting is a subset of RSS (it depends on RSS 2.0.) So, any development in the field of RSS needs to be looked at for possible application in the podosphere.

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