Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Blogging from Educause WRC, #3

Using my Tablet PC I have posted my notes taken in Microsoft One Note. These are my hand written notes, converted to PDF.
My favorite presentation was one on the educational possibilities of massively multi player role playing virtual worlds. This was very interesting to me and has a lot of potentials for distance learning and experiential learning. This really plays into Bloom's Taxonomy and is a very powerful learning tool, I think. The presentation focused on Second Life, but I imagine it being combined with a virtual reality environment that is more like Halo 2. Can you imagine a distance learning tool that combines the ability to role play historical events like Halo 2 with the collaboration capability of Skype?
I can, and it would rock the educational world!
You could have the students meet in a virtual classroom, see a film on the Cuban Missile Crisis, then suddenly divide into Russian, Cuban and American groups. After the simulation is over, virtual class reconvenes. All this would be done with learners totally dispersed geographically!

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