Friday, April 22, 2005

My family blog is now on Blogger!

I have left Radio Userland and moved my last blog to Blogger. I did this for a number of reasons:

  1. Radio has too much complexity for what I do with a blog.
  2. Why buy the cow when the milk is so cheap? Blogger is free, Radio Userland is $80 a year. It is kind of the same reason I quit paying Netscape $35 for a browser when IE was free!
  3. I would rather blog than have to figure out how to run a Blogging Suite. 
  4. Now when I figure out how to do something in Blogger I don't have to waste energy trying to figure out how to accomplish the same task in Radio Userland.
  5. This was my personal blog, so I don't care about loosing Google Juice.
  6. Now when somebody looks at my profile in one of my Blogger blogs, they see all my blogs.
  7. My Radio Userland quit working after my last computer broke. I was able to move my Radio Userland to another computer, but that only worked for a couple of postings. Blogger is web-based so that is simply not an issue.
  8. Now Google worries about backing up my blog, I don't!

My old family blog will be on the Internet as long as Radio Userland lets it be. But, they are not getting any more of my money! Please feel invited to visit my new family blog!

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