Wednesday, April 06, 2005

To switch or unswitch as the case may be

Tim Bray, Director of Web Technologies at Sun, recently wrote this piece about his feelings that he believes Apple is increasingly becoming more old-school, more secretive, less transparent and is resisting the move to a more open market place. This is counter to moves to embrace transparency as expressed by folks like Bray and Robert Scoble at Microsoft. Bray wrote that he is considering unswitching back and away from Apple products.
I am having the same considerations. For me this will be switching, as I have been a loyal Mac user since the 1980's! Despite my work related Microsoft certification, I have always been a lover of everything Apple. To paraphrase Guy Kawasaki, when cut I bled eight colors.
But, that was before Apple started suing bloggers, that was before Apple refused to make a Tablet Mac, that was before Apple took important podcasting usability out of GarageBand, that was before Apple became the Microsoft of digital music. That was before Apple abandoned the eight colors and recast itself as a whole new company.
It seems to me the days of "think different" are over. Perhaps it is time to put down the sledge hammers and take our seats in the audience?

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