Thursday, May 05, 2005

Adobe's new licensing scheme is an issue with CS2

Yesterday Adobe graciously hosted the most recent meeting of the San Francisco Bay Area Adobe InDesign User Group. Before the meeting, to help the group, I went and got the Pizza and worked to make the event a success. At the meeting folks from Adobe showed the new version of Adobe InDesign in the Creative Suite, CS2. It is a great program with fantastic features for creative professionals.

However, unlike previous versions of Adobe products, this new version has a new limitation. It includes a digital rights management (DRM) scheme that allows you to install it on only two computers. When I voiced my concern to an Adobe rep he explained that their logic is that each user will be able to install the software on a desktop system and a laptop. I explained to the rep that I have three critical computers I use, one at work, one at home (for when I bring my work home) and a laptop. I only use the software on one of these computers at a time.

I trust Adobe and am loyal to them. I buy every new version they produce when it comes out. I don't distribute this software to anybody else. It is just too bad that despite my loyalty, integrity and respect for their intellectual property, that respect is not returned. It is too bad that Adobe does not trust me, or its other customers.

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