Monday, May 23, 2005

Recommended listening: Gillmor and Malik

Steve Gillmor (of the Gillmor Gang) is back and he has hit the ground running! In this segment he interviews Om Malik (Om Malik is a San Francisco-based senior writer for Business 2.0. He has covered technology and telecom for over a decade for publications like Forbes) on the Google Factory Tour. This is a conversation between two really intelligent guys who know what they are talking about and who "get it." One of my favorite parts of the conversation is at the end when Gillmor and Malik talk about RSS and Skype. In this segment Gillmor talks about what he calls "disruptive transition" and how there are a multiplicity of technologies working together to create a disruptive wave. In my opinion academic technologists had better listen to this type of talk. The world is changing!

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