Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Is the Tablet PC is one of those sleeper ideas, like the Internet?

Me with a Tablet PC
It took over twenty years for the Internet to gain traction, starting as ARPANET in 1969, it took the invention of the web, a good business model and over 20 years for it to approach the pervasive Internet we now see. In this post Dennis Dunleavy talks about the Tablet PC and his belief that they are something that we will be seeing more and more of in the classroom.  In the comments to the post Daniel Sato said, "Tablet pc's seem to have been around a couple of years...and yet no one has really made a strong push to market them. It would seem that the use of a stylus and a digitizing/graphics tablet would be perfectly suited for a student, allowing us to take notes as if writing on paper, and then translate this into text with accompanying audio."

I agree with both of them, just like the Internet it is taking awhile for this technology to gain traction. This is too bad as it could make a lot of great features available for our students, not to mention save their backs! Everything a student needs for his or her classes, and that is now now carried in their backpack can fit in a Tablet PC! I have a 500 page textbook in mine, plus One Note, plus all the functionality of a notebook computer. I use it for taking notes which I distill to PDF and post on my blogs. I can even post to my blog standing up. IMHO, this technology rocks!

Microsoft, and it's OEMs, could eat their competitors lunch if they would get with the program and market this. Tell me why Scoble, why can't I buy one in our bookstore yet? Why isn't somebody making this happen?

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