Monday, May 16, 2005

The message is, you can't control the message anymore!

Daniel Sato's Blog

Today I went to Google and did a search on photojournalism sjsu. I expected the first hit would be the program's web site. Instead the first hit in Google was a student, Daniel Sato's blog.

Institutions like our university may go to great pains to control the message. We may create acceptable use and official web policies and all this is run through enterprise PR departments and are considered by high levels of management. Decisions may be made and mandated across the whole of our domain name space. This approach may work fine in a world defined be portals and specific points of entry. But, that is not the way people use the Internet any more.

Search engines pierce portals. Plus, sources totally outside our name spaces become authoritative. These are sources totally outside an institution's ability to control or define. It is hard for me to imagine a more important concept to get across when considering Emerging Technology. You cannot control the message, the medium itself does that now! Consider this, I am writing this on my lunch hour. Who controls the message of what you are reading now? Is this incredible or what!

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