Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What do these good people have in common?

Internet Connections

Laurence Grotheer and Jeanette Glicksman Grotheer

Through my blog and related web sites these people, Laurence Grotheer and Jeanette Glicksman Grotheer, Elaine Whitebook and Kimberly Fracchia Lalli, all of whom are friends of mine, have made connections with old friends of theirs. Some of them have had multiple old friends who have found them just by doing an Internet search on their names.

Elaine Whitebook
That is one of the powers of the Internet, the ability to make unexpected connections with people whom you thought were gone from your life.

Kimberly Fracchia Lalli
On a personal level, it is neat to know that I have been able to make a difference, in a totally unexpected way into my friend's lives. Because I have an interest in technology, and due to the conversational nature of the Internet (and the power of search engines) I have been able to make their lives better. I think that is kinda cool!


Robert Scoble said...



Does she have a blog?

John Marshall said...

Pepper is still alive. He has got to be close to 18. Would you care to see him while he is still with us. Blitz and spotty died last year.

natalie said...

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