Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Be true to your own voice and brand

In a recent post Scoble reacts [Link] to someone who alleges he is a tool (of Microsoft.) Of course that is not true, but the reason of this post is not to defend a friend. Bloggers are in a unique position. When you say something good about your employer it is easy for readers of your blog to say you are a tool of your employer. If you say something bad, folks inside your employers organization start rumbling terms like "trouble maker" and "loose canon." Especially for bloggers out there on the long tail, that connotation that you are perhaps not a team player is a very real cause of fear and anxiety.

In my opinion there is something bigger than "the team," especially for bloggers. I believe that is honesty, integrity and reputation all of which are important parts of your own personal brand. I urge folks who blog not to use blogging solutions within their employer's domain. But, that is only part of the solution. The most important thing I think is to consider and be true to your own personal brand. It is that brand that is, in my opinion, more important than your current job because that brand is your reputation. Before you blog, or not, consider your brand. Be true to it, as Scoble is, and your audience will come, or not, and readers can decide to believe you, or not. And, before you choose an employer be sure they respect your brand.

Those who know you will, hopefully, know you as a trusted source.

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