Tuesday, December 13, 2005

J-school profs: You need to listen to Ryan

Ryan Sholin [Link] is the kind of Journalism student in this decade that Robert Scoble [Link] was in the last. If you are a J-school prof and are not reading Sholin everyday, you should be. I read Sholin at least once a day. Recognizing talent is easy in hindsight after the talent has had media recognition. The hard thing is seeing and appreciate the gift of it when it is nascent and is walking in our midst. I remember when Scoble was nascent and walking in our midst. He would talk to us often and freely and yet he was not listened to by many faculty who thought they knew better than he. Now look at us and look at Scoble [Link]. Thankfully Robert Scoble cares enough about us that he came and talked to us, and we listened [Link.] A year ago in one of my now defunct blogs I wrote about how I thought Scoble was a "think different" kind of guy [Link]. Well, I think the same of Ryan. If you want to talk about the future of Journalism and Mass Communications, listen, listen... [Link.]

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