Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday Mixed Bag

Explorer for Mac going away
This is not new news, but we have to prepare for it better than we have. According to Microsoft [Link] IE for the Mac is going away. It will not even be available for download! We need to be sure our on-line resources are available optimized for other tools for Mac users.

Cool Kudos from Harvard
Jim Moore from Harvard Law School [Link] picked up my post, that referred to the post by Scoble [Link] on converting PowerPoint to OPML. It is neat to see someone else who sees the potential for this technology. Moore said:

OPML is the perfect open, "peoples'" free way to instantly create a "deep metaversion" of a file, making it instantly searchable, able to be used to point to dynamic RSS and HTML and podcast/audio/video sources, and able to be cut-and-pasted by students and faculty anywhere.

Wireless kinks at SJSU
SJSU Wireless 2.0 is up and running and having a few burps at SJSU. This is the second phase of wireless at our campus, this phase is going to provide the campus free campus-wide wireless. These burps are to be expected when we are taking such a big leap. Everybody's patience with this process is greatly appreciated.

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