Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Emerging Pedagogy: PowerPoint to OPML, this could rock!

In this post [Link] SJSU graduate Robert Scoble talks about using a tool to convert PowerPoint to OPML. This could really rock for distance learning or remediation. Imagine converting a presentation you give in class to OPML and assigning to each bullet point a hyperlink to dynamic media that either explains or graphically illustrates each point. The learner could navigate through the presentation with each slide being a node and then concentrating on the points that he/she needs to study or desires remediation on. The instructor could then choose the media that illustrates the point best. It could be print, graphics, audio or video and all of this could be packaged in an OPML file. The students could get the OPML files in an RSS feed or just by clicking on a hyperlink. That is pretty cool!

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