Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Digesting the Pizzacast

Pizzacast, the day after
I was up late posting the first podcast from this geek dinner. Even after I went to bed my head was all abuzz with the conversations we had. The podcast that was released was the first part of the dinner, the part before the pizza arrived. Ryan had a great post mortem of the event that really synthesizes what folks had to say.

One of my favorite things Ryan said was, "Oh, and the bonus mystery guest, who read about the beer-and-pizza plan on Valleywag, was Gabe Rivera of Memeorandum. That was unexpected." As you can tell by the audio, I did not realize who Gabe was until after the dinner was over and he had left. He totally slipped under my radar. I am thrilled that he came, he added a lot to the conversation!

These are the voices of the future
I am excited that the pizzacast came out so well. My favorite part of working at SJSU is the students, all these wonderful gifted people. These are the voices of the future! I remember when Scoble was a student and he would stop and talk to anybody who would listen. Looking back on that, I think wow. He and I would spend hours talking and it was easy to take it for granted. These are the Scoble's of the future! I urge you to listen to them now. They have so much to say and Cynthia McCune and I really appreciate their and Gabe's perspectives and ideas and welcome yours. We came to listen. What a thrill it is to be able to do so over and over again. And, there is part two coming. How cool is that?

Now it is your turn! Please let us know what you think and what you would like to see in these new classes. Anybody and everybody, your advice is welcome. We have a blank slate and that is a rare thing in academia. We are listening!

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