Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pizzacast Followup

Fellow Pizzacast Attendees, and Other Interested Folks:
Thanks again for participating and for all the subsequent suggestions, comments, postings and ideas I have seen since or been sent the pizzacast. As you know I have one of the pizzacasts posted (Pizzacast 1.0, "before the pizza") and still have the post pizza pizzacast 2.0 to post. One of the most exciting things is the followups to Ryan's post where two of the people on the list have already said yes to speaking to the class/classes.

My wife Sue and I are going away for the weekend. We are leaving in the morning and will be returning Tuesday. So, I do not anticipate posting pizzacast 2.0 until then. It should be a good show as well. Enjoy the holiday weekend!


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