Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Help Desk Frustrations

Bad day at the Help Desk
Yesterday did not start off well. In the morning, according to one of our student employees, a client was sharp and used profanity with the student because the student did not do something for the client. This was a task which the student employee lacked the administrative access to do. "I am unable to do that" was not an answer the client was willing to accept. Sadly, some faculty and staff feel it is okay to verbally abuse student employees. The client did not leave a name or phone number. Coward!

Then later, just before quitting time, I had another client come in wanting service that would have required me to stay late and miss a personal after work commitment. I did not have time to do what the client wanted me to do after hours. Then, the client wanted me to keep the client's own personal computer and fix the problem for the client so the client could pick up the computer later. We are told we are not supposed to touch a client's computer, much less keep it. The client was annoyed with me.

Please be considerate. We have support protocols we have to follow and we lack administrative access to all systems at SJSU. Also, if you want service please do not come in right before closing time and expect staff and sometimes student employees to stay late to help you. Often times staff are not even paid for staying late and in my opinion it is not fair to expect that. We offer free service, but that does not mean our staff should have to work for nothing.

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