Thursday, May 11, 2006

Robert Scoble's Mother is Dying

Robert Scoble's mother is dying. She had a massive stroke and is not expected to live much longer. Robert is blogging [Link] about the pain and the difficult decisions that come at the end of life:

"I'm reserving my real emotions. But, let's just say that this is about the suckiest thing I could imagine. Turns out she'll be lucky to live out the week. She signed a do not rescuscitate order and told all of her friends and family to let her go if she was going to be in such a state. Thankfully that took most of the hard decisions out of our hands. But it still was tough not overriding her wishes."

These are some of the most touching posts I have ever seen. I have known Robert a long time and years ago we both had some very close conversations. Robert helped me through some very difficult times of my own involving the loss of my first wife. Robert writes about how being able to blog about this has helped him deal with the events he and his family are going through now [Link].

"Thanks to everyone for putting up with this blogging. It's helpful to me and I get phone calls from people who are touched by it (and family members)."

Life is about good times, and bad times, and being there through the best and also the worst of them. Sometimes we can laugh with those we love. Sometimes all we can do is hold their hands and be there with them. And, sometimes we have to let them go. That is sad. It hurts like a hurt you do not know until it happens to you. The most precious gift life has is it's preciousness and the most important lesson we learn is not to let things not get said or not get done. That is what Robert is writing about now and his words now are some of the most important words he has ever blogged.

I hope he keeps blogging about this and folks reading his blog think before putting off saying the important words, or doing the important things that later may not be able to be said or done. Sometimes tomorrow never comes. Few things in life suck as bad as regret.

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