Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Changes coming to campus e-mail

This message is to announce the Campus E-mail Advisory Committee appointed by the Office of the President to achieve the goal of a centralized campus e-mail solution that meets the following minimal criteria:
1. Reduce e-mail domain names
2. Provide a complete and accurate university e-mail directory
3. Provide electronic calendar functions
4. Assure sufficient mailbox size
5. Increase reliability and dependability of the e-mail system
6. Provide Instant Message functions (lesser priority)

This committee is a diverse group representing faculty, staff and students. It is co-chaired by Mary Jo Gorney-Moreno, AVP, Academic Technology and Don Baker, IAVP, University Computing and Telecommunications.

The committee’s first action to improve electronic communications will be to issue standardized addresses for the campus that route to your existing mailboxes. Standardized addresses will allow the campus and the public to interact with the university as if it were one entity while minimizing any changes to your existing systems. The standardized address will be treated as your official address and will be published in the ePhoneBook. Timing of the rollout will be sensitive to the needs of the academic and administrative campus members. More details from the implementation team will follow as the rollout approaches.

Current data in the HSJPRD production database (accessed via MySJSU) will be used to determine the affected members of the campus community. Names and current
e-mail addresses will be determined by your preferred name in the database. Please ensure that the database contains your preferred name and current e-mail address.

NOTE: Visit to access your personal information by November 10, 2006. Once logged in, navigate to Self Service-Campus Personal Information to view and/or update your information. Contact the CMS Help Desk,, for more information or assistance in updating your information.

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