Friday, October 27, 2006

From a hotel near LA

I am at a meeting in Manhattan Beach, near LA. It is warm here, very warm for almost November. The Santa Ana winds have been blowing off the desert bringing both northern and southern California amazing clear and warm weather. That same amazing warm weather is giving added life to the fire season.

I started a new novel today. It is Snow Crash, by Neal Stephensen. This book was the inspiration to a very popular virtual world called Second Life. Snow Crash is in the genre "cyberpunk." Snow Crash happens in a future world where American society is crumbling. The way some lucky folks in Snow Crash escape the spreading societal decay is through a virtual world called "the Metaverse." It is the core idea of this Metaverse that is at the heart and the inspiration of Second Life.

So, I am going to the source code, the Zen of Second Life, by exploring the book that inspired it. That is what I am doing in the middle of autumn in a hotel near LA, as the Santa Ana winds blow outside.

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