Monday, October 16, 2006

Podcast: JACC sesssion on podcasting

Podcast: 42.54 duration, 39.2 MB MP3 - Posted October 16, 2006
Audio, recorded October 14, 2006.

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My Podcast Session at JACC
This is the session I did at the Journalism Association of Community Colleges Northern California Conference at SJSU on October 14. The topic is Journalism is a Conversation, Podcasting and Journalism. In the audience are students from junior colleges and from SJSU.

Update: Tue Oct 17 06:53:53 PDT 2006

  • Here is the PowerPoint that was shown along with the presentation. Note: the videos included in the original version have been removed from this PowerPoint download to simplify download.
  • Correction (1) - In the audio you will hear me use the term "horse and buggy" what I meant to say and what was displayed in the PowerPoint was "horseless carriage."
  • Correction (2) The person's named in the credits were individuals whose input to me through conversations helped me put together this presentation. They were not involved directly with production of this podcast or the associated PowerPoint.

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