Sunday, July 01, 2007

He got it! (or maybe two)

Robert Scoble on Cover of Mercury News

Robert Scoble got it (for his son or his wife?)
What a surprise to see Robert Scoble on the cover of Saturday's Mercury News. The former "voice of Microsoft" was on the cover of the Saturday paper. First he said Marayam was getting it, now I think his son got it, OR he got two and we know what Maryam is getting for her birthday! Robert is swearing by, and sticking with, his Nokia N95.

As for me
I am waiting for my new Treo, which is almost free after the rebate. For what I save I can afford a backup battery and a charger and a leather case and still pocket some cash! I like being able to swap batteries and I have three iPods (including an 80GB) already. When I want a camera I use a real camera. When I want to mobblog, 640x480 is good enough for what I post or for pic messaging. I can always go back and post high res shots from my Nikon D2Hs or scanned film later.

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