Friday, July 13, 2007

Social Media Club Event Rocked!

Jeremiah Owyang's Blog

Your Assignment: Jeremiah Owyang's Blog
Last night I went to the Social Media Club's meeting at NBC 11 in San Jose. The event's focus was on Business Blogging. The panel of speakers at the meeting were:

  • Tony Bove - author, journalist, publisher, blogger, musician, consultant, technophile, Wordpress Guru, blogger
  • Elisa Camahort - Blogher co-founder, author, marketing executive, consultant, vegan, blogger
  • Jeremiah Owyang - PodTech web strategist, innovator, consultant, Ustreamer, blogger
  • Lisa Padilla - BlogTalkRadio VP Marketing, podcaster, technophile, narrowcaster, blogger

All of the speakers were impressive. Mike McGrath moderated the panel. He did a great job. Two of my former students were there. Kyle Hansen and Jessica Drnek are interns this summer at NBC11. They are working on NBC11's Hometown Project, a website that breaks down the neighborhoods of their broadcast area. (According to Drnek, the skills they got through the class professor Cynthia McCune and I taught and the emerging technology club at SJSU helped them land these internships.) The panel was great and after the panel I was able to spend a good amount of time speaking to other meeting attendees and presenters including McGrath (who turned me on to Infotopia), Elisa Camahort and Jeremiah Owyang. Owyang works at Podtech with another former student and friend, Robert Scoble.

Owyang turned me on to Ustream, a technology I am planning to explore for my class and to investigate for possible pedagogical applications in higher education. I will get back to this blog on that. Meantime, you have to check out Owyang's blog! It is great. He covers his subject well and I was especially impressed with his citizen journalism category. I urge folks to check it out!

[Owyang's Post With Video Here]

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