Friday, July 06, 2007

New Non-iPhone

Nikon F Camera and Treo 680

I love my new non-iPhone
I know it is about as sexy as a Pentium II, but my new Treo 680 is a great tool for getting work done. That is why I have it, not for taking content away from my computer to play with when I am not at a keyboard, it is great for creating content to take back to the computer. I can take notes in the field when I am shooting. The raised letter keyboard is fine for text input like Mobblogging, IM and E-mail. It has a web browser, which leaves much to be desired, but I will seldom use and a camera that is good enough for taking quick pictures and posting to my blogs or Flickr. If I want to take serious pictures, that is why I have serious cameras. I know it is not sexy, but for how I use it, my Treo rocks!

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