Monday, June 09, 2008

3G iPhone and SJSU

The 3G iPhone and SJSU

The new iPhone should be great for members of our campus community. What do I like best about the new 3G iPhone? I like that it is fast without relying on our SJSU wireless network. I have an iPod Touch which is like an iPhone without the phone. The iPod Touch is an iPhone like Apple device that relies on wireless Wi-Fi networks for Internet access. The iPod Touch, like iPhones and most other portable devices, is a pain to use on Wi-Fi wireless networks that rely on authentication, like ours does. These devices seem especially painful to use with our SJSUOne system. Sometimes they plain do not work. The old iPhones, at least, did not rely on our Wi-Fi network for Internet access. The old iPhones were slower when used for Internet access without using our wireless network, but unlike our wireless network, the old iPhones worked. Now that will not be an issue.

Thank you Apple (and AT&T) for making this new iPhone work so well, and so fast, without ever having to log onto SJSUOne to get to the Internet or ever having to use our funky SJSUOne based wireless Wi-Fi network at all! I think many people will really appreciate that like I do.

This is the iPhone I have been waiting for. My Treo's days are numbered!

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